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Test Code 2003 Quad Screen includes Total B-HCG, AFP, Unconjugated Estriol and (Dimeric) Inhibin A

Specimen Containers and Fixatives

Gold Top Tube (SST)


For add-on testing, refer to link below for acceptable tube types:

Acceptable Tube Types for Chemistry Tests

Specimen Required

NorthShore Lab Services: draw 7.5 mL (3.8 min) blood, centrifuge and submit 3.0 mL (1.5 min) refrigerated serum.
Hospital setting: submit 7.5 mL (3.8 min) blood.

Client Special Instructions

Please submit completed AFP screening form with sample.

Day(s) and Time(s) Performed


Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 3-6 days

Reference Values

See written Pathology report.

Method Name

AFP, Total B-HCG, Unconjugated Estriol and Inhibin A: Immunoenzymatic chemiluminescent assays

CPT Code Information

84702, 82105, 82677, 86336

LOINC Code Information

53962-7, 21198-7