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Test Code 1604 Peanut Allergy Component Panel

Specimen Containers and Fixatives

Gold Top Tube (SST)

Specimen Required

NorthShore Lab Services: draw 2.5 mL blood, centrifuge and submit 1.2 mL refrigerated serum.

Hospital setting: submit 2.5 mL blood.

Client Special Instructions

Mininum serum volume requirement: (0.05 mL x number of allergens) + 0.15 mL.

Minimum blood volume requirement: 2.5 x the minimum serum requirement.

Day(s) and Time(s) Performed


Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1 – 3 days

Reference Values

Class IgE kU/L Interpretation

0 <0.10 Negative

0/1 0.10-0.34 Equivocal/Borderline

1 0.35-0.69 Low Positive

2 0.70-3.49 Positive

3 3.50-17.49 Positive

4 17.4-49.99 Strongly Positive

5 50.00-99.99 Strongly Positive

6 ≥100.0 Strongly Positive

ara h1, ara h2, ara h3 and ara h6 are species specific peanut proteins. IgE antibodies against these proteins are associated with risk of more severe and systematic reactions involving skin, GI tract, upper and lower respiratory tract and cardiovascular system.

ara h8 IgE antibodies are associated with risk of localized symptoms such as itching and tingling of the lips, mouth and throat. Patients sensitized to ara h8 alone are unlikely to experience systematic reactions.

ara h9 IgE antibodies are associated with risk of localized and possibly more severe symptoms.

Method Name

Phadia ImmunoCAP FEIA f422, f423, f424, f352, f427

CPT Code Information

86008 × 6

LOINC Code Information

Ara h1  65769-2

Ara h2  65770-0

Ara h3  65771-8

Ara h6  87718-3 

Ara h8  63477-4

Ara h9  64965-7