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NorthShore’s comprehensive online test catalog contains a wide range of assays for diagnosing many common to rare health conditions and diseases. The catalog also provides information for:

  • Proper handling and storage of a variety of tests
  • Turnaround times
  • CPT codes

To search for a test:

  • Click on the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to the first letter of the test name

  • Enter the test name in the search box and click on the search button

NorthShore’s Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine performs nearly all patient lab tests in-house at one of our many convenient locations. This allows us to expedite results for quicker treatment and better outcomes for patients. For tests not processed in our leading-edge facilities, we rely on trusted external laboratories such as Mayo Medical Laboratories. A global reference laboratory that operates within the Mayo Clinic's Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, with which NorthShore has a longstanding relationship.


For more information or assistance with ordering, test guidance or questions about your results, please contact our call center at 847.663.2100.



3 Hour Glucose Tolerance Test 24 48 72 Hour Stool Collection
24 Hour Urine Collection #1 24 Hour Urine Collection #3
24 Hour Urine Collection #4 24 Hour Urine Collection #5
24 Hour Urine Collection #8 C Difficile Toxin
General Fasting Blood Tests Laboratory Tests
Occult Blood Quantiferon-TB Gold
Stool Culture and Parasite Exam Urine Culture (Midstream-Male)
Sputum for Bacterial Fungal or AFB (TB)